Auger Bucket

The Rata Auger Bucket is an ideal attachment for your Tractor front end loader and/or Telehandler, it's specifically designed to handle and mix maize, silage and palm kernel etc.

The twin mixing star agitators keep the material from bridging.

The auger is hydraulically driven with a powerful motor, the auger chute extends 275mm to the side of the bucket in operation by a hydraulic ram.

In all, this is another quality product from Rata specifically designed to make your feed mixing and handling job's easier!

Available to suit most Tractors, Front End Loaders & Telehandlers


    Model (Code) AB240
    Width (m) 2.4
    Capacity (m³) 1.5
    Weight (kg) 620

    Features & Benefits

    Ram for auto extending chute on Rata Auger Bucket

    1 Auto Extending Chute
    Rata Auger Buckets feature this market-leading side chute which extends 275mm upon operation to enable feeding out into feed pads & troughs. By reversing the auger the chute retracts back into the bucket for safe storage when not in use.

    Hydraulic motor on Rata Auger Bucket

    2 High Power Motor
    Hydraulic motors on Rata Auger Buckets provide plenty of power to operate the auger, mix and feed product continuously without interruption. The motor is mounted in a recessed cavity to prevent contact & damage with other objects.

    High Capacity Auger Bucket

    3 One Piece Skin
    The main shell of Rata Auger Buckets is a one piece skin that includes the base, rear, top & front of the bucket. One piece skin ensures that the bucket remains as rigid as possible in demanding environments where flex may occur.

    Bucket Cutting Edge

    4 Wear Protection
    Rata Auger Buckets feature wear protection on engaging surfaces. The front cutting edge is high tensile wear resistant steel for high abrasion resistance. The base & edges of the bucket opening also feature wear protection.

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