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Auger Bucket

The Rata Auger Bucket is an ideal the feed-out attachment for your Tractor with a front-end loader or Telehandler, it's specifically designed to handle maize silage, palm kernel, grains & other supplementary feed types.

Bridging the capacity gap between a mixer wagon & hand feeding!


    Why and what is the Rata Auger Bucket?

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    The Rata Auger Bucket is a multi-task attachment, built to perform on your Tractor front end loader, Telehandler or Skid Steer!
    With the ability of a bucket & the versatility of a side feeder, this attachment makes your tough feeding task easy! 
    Being manufactured from high-grade steel, this makes it the strongest auger bucket of its type available on the Australian & New Zealand market!

    What Our Customers Have To Say

    Rata Auger Bucket Testimonial

    "Very pleased with the performance of our new Rata Auger bucket and the 300mm diameter auger evenly spreads the maize and PKE, giving the cows a good chance at a feed"

    Mark Johnson, Dairy Farmer

    Auger Bucket
    Rata Auger Bucket Testimonial 2

    "With the higher production, we feed some palm kernel and we got this Auger Bucket 2 or 3 seasons ago and it's one of my favorite attachments. We're able to feed out 800kg in 5 or 10 minutes with zero wastage really, a cool wee bit of kit".

    Caleb Holmes, Otago Farmer

    Auger Bucket

    Auger Bucket Specifications

    Model (Code) AB240.3
    Width (m) 2.4
    Capacity (m³) 1.6 or 1000kg
    Weight (kg)


    Chute Diameter (mm)


    Extended Chute Length (mm)


    Buckets are supplied with either Right or Left hand discharge. 

    Features & Benefits

    Ensmallened Auger Chute T

    1 Auto Extending Chute
    Rata Auger Buckets feature this market-leading side chute which extends 275mm upon operation to enable feeding out into feed pads & troughs. By reversing the auger the chute retracts back into the bucket for safe storage when not in use.

    Motor Side

    2 High Power Motor
    Hydraulic motors on Rata Auger Buckets provide plenty of power to operate the auger, mix and feed product continuously without interruption. The motor is mounted in a recessed cavity to prevent contact & damage with other objects.

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