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Bale Forks

Rata has many types of Bale Forks, all suitable for handling any size bale, round or square. There are four lengths of tines to choose from, 1.2m, 1.1m, 0.98m & 0.80m.

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Tines are forged spring steel, held in with a conus 2 welded taper bush. These high strength bale forks can be made to fit almost any Tractors front end loader or Telehandler

    Enhance Efficiency with Rata Bale Forks: Quality and Versatility for Swift Bale Handling

    When time is short, and your workload threatens to weigh you down, Rata will make life so much easier. A quality Rata bale fork will lift and transport cumbersome bales easily and efficiently. Rata can talk you through their extensive range, or download the flyer to find the bale fork that will get the hard work done a whole lot faster.

    Rata’s range of bale forks is highly versatile; suitable for handling bales of varying sizes. Plus, Rata offers different lengths of tines (1.2m, 1.1m, 0.98m, and 0.80m), providing flexibility for all manner of farming needs.

    Rata is proud to bring you bale forks made with the highest quality materials and robust construction. The tines are forged spring steel, ensuring durability and strength, and the conus 2 welded taper bush securely holds the tines in place.

    No dramas with compatibility. Rata values adaptability and ease of integration with various farming equipment, so naturally, our high-strength bale forks are designed to fit almost any tractor's front-end loader or telehandler.

    Let Rata set you up with a durable bale fork to custom-fit your machinery and reap the benefits of improved bale handling for many years to come.

    Why Rata Bale Forks?

    7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Excellent Tine Vision 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028Robust Construction 7334e36a-redtick_1000000000000000000028High Back Safety Frame

    Rata Has manufactured thousands of bale forks for many satisfied customers for over 30 years. We know the advantage of having reliable and easy-to-use implements that are made to perform the desired task.

    Bale Fork Models


    1 Ecospiker

    Ecospiker bale forks have been designed to provide an affordable bale handling option for tractors under 80hp in less demanding environments

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    Standard Rata Bale Fork for Tractors & Telehandlers

    2 Standard Bale Fork

    This model of Bale Fork is the 'standard' or 'conventional' model, designed for use on just about any dairy or livestock farmers tractor. A Telehandler spec model is available

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    Tine Length Measurement

    Tine length is from the overall length of the tine, from the nut right out to the point. This means that a 0.98m long tine has around 850mm of usable length to spear into a bale. The other 130mm of the tine is inside or behind the backframe. Measurements are approximate.

    Genuine stamp

    Original design resulting from years of testing, feedback, and improvement.

    ‘Having been perfected in more than 20yrs of manufacturing, the principal mistakes that you don’t think about when purchasing have already been eliminated’.


    Eco Spiker Specifications

    Model (Code) Description Max hp
    ES980 Ecospiker with 0.98m tines 80
    ES110 Ecospiker with 1.1m tines 80
    ESHB Optional bolt on high back for Ecospiker Bale Forks  

    Standard Bale Fork Specifications

    Model (Code) Description
    BF800 Standard Bale Fork with 0.8m tines
    BF980 Standard Bale Fork with 0.98m tines 
    BF110 Standard Bale Fork with 1.1m tines 
    BF120 Standard Bale Fork with 1.2m tines 

    High Back Bale Fork Specifications

    Model (Code) Description
    BFHB800 High Back Bale Fork with 0.8m tines
    BFHB980 High Back Bale Fork with 0.98m tines
    BFHB110 High Back Bale Fork with 1.1m tines
    BFHB120 High Back Bale Fork with 1.2m tines

    Telehandler Bale Fork Specifications

    Model (Code) Description
    BFT800 Telehandler Bale Fork with 0.8m tines
    BFT980 Telehandler Bale Fork with 0.98m tines
    BFT110 Telehandler Bale Fork with 1.1m tines
    BFT120 Telehandler Bale Fork with 1.2m tines
    BFT110HD Heavy Duty Telehandler Bale Fork with 1.1m tines (2m high frame & x3 conus 3 tines in the base)

    Double Bale Fork Specifications

    Model (Code) Description
    BF980-2.3M 2.3m Wide Double Bale Fork with x4 0.98m tines
    BF110-2.3M 2.3m Wide Double Bale Fork with x4 1.10m tines
    BF120-2.3M 2.3m Wide Double Bale Fork with x4 1.20m tines


    Rata Silage Grab testimonial from Dan Jackson - Dairy farmer

    I got hold of Rata when I needed a Silage Grab, Forks & Tow Hitch. From past experience I had been impressed with the durability & simplicity of the gear. The Silage Grab has performed very well & the Tow Hitch makes the job so much easier, this one is well up there!
    Very high rated - so I can virtually pick up any load.

    They've definitely helped me out!

    Dan Jackson, Jackson Dairys

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