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Loader/Tractor Buckets

Rata manufactures a range of high-strength rounded shell buckets to suit almost any brand or type of loader or material handler. Please see the tables below to choose a bucket size that best suits your needs. 

Needing a bulk handling or telehandler bucket? Click here for more information on Bulk Handling Buckets.


    What Are Tractor Buckets?

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    The Rata range of robust buckets can be used to handle all sorts of materials.
     The rounded shell “LB” series buckets ensure minimal material is left stuck in the bucket when tipping to discharge
    the material being carried. All buckets are available with a bolt on reversible cutting edge for extra long wear life and increased strength in high stress applications.

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    Genuine stamp

    Original design resulting from years of testing, feedback, and improvement.

    ‘Having been perfected in more than 20yrs of manufacturing, the principal mistakes that you don’t think about when purchasing have already been eliminated’.



    Model (Code) Description Width (m) Weight (kg) Level Volume (m³)
    LB150 Loader Bucket 1.5 205 0.48
    LB180 Loader Bucket 1.8 235 0.55
    LB200 Loader Bucket 2.0 255 0.70
    LB220 Loader Bucket 2.2 275 0.77
    LB240 Loader Bucket 2.4 295 0.85


    Features & Benefits

    Rata LB200 Rear

    1 Quick Hitch Backing Plates
    As well as high tensile wear-resistant cutting edges along the front engaging edges of the bucket opening, Rata Buckets also feature wear heavy-duty backing plates for the quick hitch to be welded to.

    Rata LB200 Bucket Rounded Shell

    2 Rounded Shell
    These Buckets are made from high-quality steel plate and feature a rounded shell. This is ideal to help with the functional flow of the product to obtain a good load, every load.


    Bucket Teeth

    1 Bucket Teeth
    Optional Bucket Teeth are available on Rata Buckets, these have a weld on foot/toe that mounts to the cutting edge which a replaceable point simply mounts onto.

    Double Bevel Bolt on Cutting Edge

    2 Double Bevel Bolt on Cutting Edge
    Although cutting edges are standard on Rata buckets, a double bevel bolt on cutting edge is also available, this extends the life of cutting edges in high use & wear environments.

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