Power Claw 770x430

Power Claw™

The Power Claw™ multi-task attachment is built to perform any job on your Tractor front end loader, Telehandler or Skid Steer!

With the clearing ability of a root rake & the versatility of a grab, this attachment makes your hard work easy!

Being manufactured from AR450 grade high tensile steel makes it the strongest claw grab of its type available on the Australian & New Zealand market!

Use it for anything from handling logs, moving rocks, root raking, storm clean up & much more!


    Model Description Weight (kg)
    PC160 1.6m wide Power Claw 390
    PC180 1.8m wide Power Claw 420
    PC240 2.4m wide Power Claw 550


    Features & Benefits

    High Tensile & Braced Versatile Grapple Tines

    1 AR450 Grade Steel Tines
    Power Claw tines are made from 16mm thick AR450 grade high tensile steel. This around 50% stronger than the next closest equivalent steel used in other grapples. Using AR450 grade steel makes it around 10% lighter while being substantially stronger so this is undoubtedly the best grapple on the market!


    2 Interlocking Tines
    Power Claw tines interlock to provide an excellent grip on the product being handled, this makes it ideal for handling smaller/finer product such as tree trimmings etc.

    Braced Tines

    3 Tine Bracing
    Power Claw tines are braced to provide maximum support. This along with the 400 grade tine allows the Power Claw to be used for demanding work.

    Tine Spacing

    4 Optimum Tine Spacing
    Power Claw tines are spaced evenly apart to ensure smaller branches & twigs are picked up when raking but allow dirt & smaller rocks/pebbles to sieve through.


    Jeff Pratley

    One comment, having bought the Power Claw solely off advertisements, website & your phone calls we would like to express we are very happy with how it looks in the flesh now delivered.

    Location: Bathurst, NSW

    Jeff Pratley, Oakbrook NSW

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