Power Claw 770x430

Power Claw™

The Power Claw™ multi-task attachment is built to perform any job on your Tractor front end loader, Telehandler or Skid Steer!

With the clearing ability of a root rake & the versatility of a grab, this attachment makes your hard work easy!

Being manufactured from 400-grade high tensile steel makes it the strongest claw grab of its type available on the Australian & New Zealand market!

Use it for anything from handling logs, moving rocks, root raking, storm clean up & much more!


    Model (Code) Description Weight (kg) Minimum HP
    PC160 1.6m Power Claw 390 85
    PC180 1.8m Power Claw 420 110
    PC200 2.0m Power Claw 470 150
    PC220 2.2m Power Claw 510 160
    PC240 2.4m Power Claw 550 170

    Features & Benefits

    High Tensile & Braced Versatile Grapple Tines

    1 400 Grade Steel Tines
    Power Claw tines are made from 16mm 400-grade high tensile steel, making it the strongest claw/grab of its type on the Australian & New Zealand market! THE STRONGEST!

    Interlocking Versatile Grapple Tines

    2 Interlocking Tines
    Power Claw tines interlock to provide an excellent grip on the product being handled, this makes it ideal for handling smaller/finer product such as tree trimmings etc.

    Braced Tines

    3 Tine Bracing
    Power Claw tines are braced to provide maximum support. This along with the 400-grade tine allows the Power Claw to be used for demanding work.

    Tine Spacing

    4 Optimum Tine Spacing
    Power Claw tines are spaced evenly apart to ensure smaller branches & twigs are picked up when raking but allow dirt & smaller rocks/pebbles to sieve through.

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