LBBG180 (1)

Tractor Bucket Grab

Rata bucket grabs are a universal tool for agricultural and industrial use, and can be made to fit to almost any front end loader. They are excellent for handling silage, minerals, earth, sand, shrubs, wood chips, rubbish, straw, manure and much more. The powerful twin hydraulic rams give this attachment the superior strength needed to move your material.


    Model (Code) Width (m) Weight (kg) Capacity (m³)
    LBBG180 1.8 430 0.8
    LBBG200 2.0 470 0.9

    Features & Benefits

    LBBG180 (2)

    1 Rear Mounted Rams
    Hydraulic rams on Rata Bucket Grabs are mounted to the rear of the bucket, this offers greater protection from any objects that could potentially cause damage in the working area.

    LBBG180 (3)

    2 Heavy Duty Grab
    Rata Bucket Grabs are built heavy duty all round to cope with any job, this is why the main arms of the Bucket Grab top feature twin steel plate as well as extensive bracing and gusseting.

    LBBG180 (1)

    3 Wide Open Dimension
    The wide opening dimension of Rata Bucket Grabs enable large quantites of any material can be secured in one scoop. This also means the attachment can be used as a standard bucket with the grab open and out of the way.

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