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Compost Barn Aerator

The Rata Compost Barn Aerator is designed to help utilise the full depth of the compost by bringing up the lower levels while introducing air to the compost and enhance the life of your investment.


    What is the compost barn aerator?

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    Why Aerate a Composting Barn?
    In a composting cattle barn, a system of aerobic, oxygen loving, ‘good bugs’ are used to compost effluent produced by livestock. This ensures the bedding stays dry and comfortable for your cattle along with providing the best chance of ensuring the wellbeing and health of your herd. Once removed from the shed this compost can be used as a nutrient rich, organic fertiliser.
    Aeration also helps with improving conditions within the barn if they become too wet.
    In a composting cattle barn, it is essential to have excellent composting medium and ventilation management for the barn to perform at optimum level. Barns must also have appropriate bedding in sufficient amounts. To ensure correct ventilation, bedding should be aerated twice a day to refresh the surface and enhance microbial activity within the composting medium.
    Without adequate aeration, microbial activity will be slowed or lessened, this is because most microorganisms contributing to the breakdown of the organic matter in your barn are aerobic, meaning oxygen loving. Therefore, with less microbial activity, composting takes much longer. However, with suitable aeration, the pile temperature is able to increase quickly, therefore speeding up the composting process.
    Although micro-organisms tend to go unnoticed, they are an integral ‘player’ in your compost barn, as they are responsible for the majority of all organic material breakdown. Look after them little guys!




    What Our Customers Have To Say

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    "We needed to get in and break the clogs up underneath and get air into our wood chip. We were struggling with the old cultivator we had. This machine goes down much deeper. In the last fortnight it is doing a marvelous job and we have seen massive improvement in the last 12-14 days since we hooked this machine up". 

    Murray Coates, Haupiri

    Cow Barn Aerator

    Genuine stamp

    Original design resulting from years of testing, feedback, and improvement.

    ‘Having been perfected in more than 20yrs of manufacturing, the principal mistakes that you don’t think about when purchasing have already been eliminated’.


    Compost Barn Aerator Models & Specifications

    Model (Code) Number of Legs Working Width (m) Max Working Depth (mm)
    304BA5 2m 650mm
    304BA7 7 3m 650mm
    3O4BA9 9 4m 650mm

    The Compost Barn Aerator's Features & Benefits

    v form compressed

    1 V Formation
    Rata Compost Barn Aerator legs are in a 'V' formation, this reduces drag between legs making it easier to pull and uses less fuel. V formation also means the legs leave the ground independently at the headlands which eliminates 'heaving'.

    Compost Barn Aerator Frame

    2 Heavy Duty Build
    Compost Barn Aerator legs are securely bolted to a modular chasis that can be configured for five or 7 leg machines. And be turned into a pasture aerator by bolting on to the frame.

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