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304 Auto Reset Panerazers are the ultimate subsoiling machine, especially when the soils to be aerated are heavy & full of obstructions.

Being auto reset makes your subsoiling job seamless as the legs simply lift over any obstruction & immediately reset automatically so you can continue aerating your soils without stopping. Leaf spring reset has a great advantage over rams, not only do they require less maintenance, but the legs are at the highest point of resistance while in the ground & resistance reduces as they lift. This ensures the legs to not tip falsely & ensures they do clear obstructions when hit.

    Why the Auto-Resest Panerazer?

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    From the outset we have aimed to give Farmers and Contractors the ability to aerate almost any type of soil. Designed for heavy working conditions and high horse power tractors. The innovative double-bar 'v' frame construction allows the user to pull more with less, as well as making it easily adaptable from pasture to cropping applications. The auto reset makes operating seamless as when the point hits an obstruction, it resets itself immediately.


    Panerazer Sobsoiling 22

    Murray Coates

    South Island Customer Sam Todd a dairy farmer from the Rai Valley. He had a compaction issue on his property, after some research he purchased a 7 Leg Shear Bolt Panerazer. Check out the difference!


    Genuine stamp

    Original design resulting from years of testing, feedback, and improvement.

    ‘Having been perfected in more than 20yrs of manufacturing, the principal mistakes that you don’t think about when purchasing have already been eliminated’.



    Model (Code) Number of Legs Working Width (m) Max Working Depth (mm) Recommended HP
    304P5ARR 5 2.50 450 120
    304P7ARR 7 3.50 450 150
    304P9ARR 9 4.50 450 190
    Note: Winged foot in lieu of pasture point available


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    Features & Benefits

    Rata Auto Reset Panerazer soil aerator from above showing V formation of legs

    1 V Formation
    Rata Panerazer legs are in a 'V' formation, this reduces drag between the legs making it easier to pull and uses less fuel. V formation also means the legs leave the ground independently at the headlands which eliminates 'heaving'

    Heavy duty build of Rata Auto Reset Panerazer Subsoil Aerator

    2 Heavy Duty Build
    Rata Auto Reset Panerazers feature a heavy duty build, featuring a heavy duty RHS main frame construction with reinforcing to cope with hard conditions. The wear protected legs are also securely bolted into the reset mounts.


    Tony West

    I bought a Rata Panerazer a bit over a year ago & have had great results out of it. Crops seem to get established earlier & also hang on for longer when its dry. We've also found when we have heavy rains & would normally get a bit of scouring... where we've used the Panerazer there's been no run off at all.

    I's a great bit of kit!

    Tony West, Marlborough Farmer

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