Rata CR V-rake for harvesting forage crops such as hay and silage

Rata CR Rakes

Rata CR Rakes & Reels were formerly produced and supplied under the Paddon brand.

CR Rakes incorporate features like closer reel spacing, low centre of gravity, extensively strengthened frame, high reel lift, and options of 3 point or 2 point linkage steering. This creates a rake that has no equal in maneuverability and stability. HD Reel design includes 50% stiffer, heavier 8.2mm tines, inclosed by a 10x40mm nylon band, resulting in..

Cleaner raking in heavy green crops, No wear, where tine protrudes through band, Very quiet to operate, Less tine breakages



    Model (Code) No. of Reels Max Working Width Row Width Weight
    CR12 12 7.0m 1m - 1.5m 1,355kg
    CR14 14 7.8m 1m - 1.5m 1,650kg
    CR16 16 8.6m 1m - 1.5m 1,900kg

    Features & Benefits

    Hydraulic Ram for arm fold on Rata CR V-rake

    1 Hydraulic Arm Fold
    CR V-Rakes feature hydraulic arm fold for ease of use and user friendliness, simply open and close the arms from the tractor cab.

    Hydraulic Reel lift on Rata CR V-rakes

    2 Hydraulic Reel Lift
    Reel lift is hydraulically powered so you can control it from the cab of the tractor or ute. Reel stops are also adjustable to control the reel working height

    Easy row width adjustment on the Rata CR V-rake

    3 Easy Row Adjustment
    Row width adjustments from 1m to 1.5m are made via the turn buckle adjuster. This sliding yoke is also the 3D pivot point for the main raking arm.


    4 Self Steering Mechanism
    The headstock is connected to the rear wheels via a steering mechanism as seen here, this means the rake automatically follows the vehicle without additional operator inputs.


    Menpes Paddon Hay Rake

    These Paddon/Rata Heavy Duty Reels are exceptional, much stronger tines pick up heavy silage very well, a big leap forward from the old reels.

    Our 16 Reel CR Rake is the most stable rake we've ever owned, and with these reels the rake is as near perfect as you could ever get!

    Menpes Contracting, Southland

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