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Beet Feeding Transition Made Easy

Posted by Glenn Walton on Feb 28, 2017 9:14:59 AM

Not A Lot Of Scope For Error;

Fodder Beet has a high sugar content which means excessive intakes can lead to lactic acid production in the cow’s rumen and cause acidosis.

Fodder beet has become increasingly popular over the past three to four years because the crop is high yielding and suitable as a supplement feed for beef and dairy herds. Despite that they are an excellent source of energy, stock can be offered too much of this high sugar crop in their daily feed intake at the beginning of the crop being fed and not have sufficient time to adapt.


We have a solution for you, read on....

Rata Root Crop Beet Buckets:

The transitioning stage for fodder beet feeding has become part of the cattle's winter diet and is critical to ensuring that animal health and the nutritional value of fodder beet is optimised. The Rata Root Crop bucket is an ideal way to help manage this process.

Rata Beet Bucket.jpg


Fodder beet buckets are a great way to assist with measuring the right amount of feed given to stock during the transition period. The bucket is placed flat on the surface of the ground and pushed through the crop at a consistent speed and with the specially designed, rounded solid bars the beet will pop up out of the ground and load into the bucket, leaving the soil behind. There is minimal wastage of the crop when using a beet bucket for harvesting, because not only is the ground left clean but also the foliage is completely utilised. Another important advantage of opening up a beet paddock in this way is that it helps to manage stock in the paddock once the transition period is over, by giving enough space for the stock to move freely without competition and will minimise the possibility of the stock breaking through the electric fence.


For information on how much beet to feed & when during & after transition check our our How to transition stock onto fodder beet blog


Watch the action here:


Don't risk it, purchase your Rata beet bucket today.

Beet buckets are simple tools, but to get the job done efficiently, it’s important to know what works best and Rata have done considerable ground work over four years, working with farmers and operators to manufacture beet buckets that will perform with exceptional results. Bolt on side skids are standard. The functional design of the bucket base ensures that the beet loads naturally into the bucket giving any surplus soil sufficient area to fall through during the loading of the bucket. Once loaded the bucket can be given a shake to remove any remaining soil that is caught through the load.

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