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How To Spread Slug Bait Effectively For Greatest Protection Of Crops & Pasture

Posted by Sam Searle on Apr 9, 2018 4:20:54 PM


Slug bait is regarded & proven to be the most effective method for controlling slugs in pasture & cropping situations. It's important you know how to spread it effectively in order to get the best coverage & results to afford your crops the maximum protection. Spread methods, spread patterns, and knowing the real application rates are all important factors to ensure the job is done properly.

What application method is best

When applying slug baits the two most common methods are:

1) broadcast spreading

2) drilling into the soil with the seed at the time of sowing.


Broadcast spreading has been considered to be the most effective as it kills slugs faster than pellets that are drilled in at the same time as the seeds.


By broadcast spreading you have more consistent slug control, particularly when used in combination with a fine & firm seed bed (firm seed beds are ideal to prevent slugs from burrowing into the ground). 


When to apply slug bait

It is always recommended that you spread slug bait as soon as possible after sowing or drilling, or even better is to spread at the same time. However slug bait should be applied anytime slugs are present or there is evidence of damage.


The rate of application will depend on what bait you choose. Make sure you are spreading enough to match the slug population.


What spreader you should use (the important bit!)

It is always recommended you either use a purpose built slug bait spreader or take the time to re-calibrate any conventional fert spreader you intend to use. Broadcast spreading slug bait is not as similar to spreading Urea & fertilisers as most people think.


Spreaders set up for Urea & fertiliser spreading do not spread slug baits to the low rates required, this results in more bait being spread than necessary (bait is expensive & not to be wasted). This can can be overcome by acquiring a purpose built slug bait spreader for the job such as the high accuracy Vogal Baitmax that can spread to the low rates required. 


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