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Understanding The Essential Tractor Attachments

Posted by Casey-lee Cranston on Jan 25, 2024 2:47:00 PM

'The Versatility Of Auger Buckets'

Do you need to increase the efficiency of your feeding routine? You can rely on the Rata Auger Bucket. This bit of gear can be used for maize, silage, palm kernel, grains and other supplementary feed types.


With a high return on investment, the Auger Bucket is very versatile. With no changing of implements you can scoop and feed in one go. With the ability of a bucket and the versatility of a side feeder, this attachment makes your tough feeding task easy!

Rata Auger Buckets feature this market-leading side chute which extends 275mm upon operation to enable feeding out into feed pads and troughs. By reversing the auger, the chute retracts back into the bucket for safe storage when not in use and protection when scooping a load.


The Hydraulic motor on Rata Auger Buckets provide plenty of power to operate the auger, agitate and feed product continuously without interruption. The motor is mounted in a recessed cavity to prevent contact & damage with other objects.


The main shell of Rata Auger Buckets is a one-piece skin that includes the base, rear, top and front of the bucket. One-piece skin ensures that the bucket remains as rigid as possible in demanding environments where flex may occur.


Featuring wear protection on engaging surfaces. The front cutting edge is high tensile wear resistant steel for high abrasion resistance. The base and edges of the bucket opening also feature wear protection.


New and improved agitators ensure product flows freely without interruption. The mixing action of these agitators ensures the product does not bridge and stop flowing, as well as lightly mixing while feeding.

Rata Auger Bucket PKE

 'The Importance Of Bale Forks For Farm Productivity'

Rata Bale Forks help efficiently transport and lift heavy loads. They come in various sizes and shapes, making them versatile and suitable for different types of agricultural activities. They can load and unload heavy objects in a fraction of the time, saving farmers from having to spend hours on the task. By doing this, farmers are able to concentrate on other crucial farm tasks, which boosts output and efficiency. Along with safety benefits, they can avoid the risks connected to heavy load handling and manual lifting. This makes the workplace safer by lowering the possibility of accidents and injuries.


We offer many types of Bale Forks, all suitable for handling any size bale, round or square. There are four lengths of tines to choose from, 1.2m, 1.1m, 0.98m & 0.80m. Tines are forged spring steel, held in with a conus 2 welded taper bush. These high strength bale forks can be made to fit almost any Tractors front end loader or Telehandler.

Valtra and Bale Fork - Scenery - Ben Peters Waikato Tracktors_2


'The Practicality Of A Bucket Grab For Farm Tasks'

The gap in the market was spotted during the feed out season of 2020. When a range of fine chop silage was being fed out more readily inside sheds and being moved around from place to place, and the current (at the time) crop of silage handlers in our range were not quite the right fit. Built strong and yet light and cost effective, the new Rata Bucket Grab offers greater value for money and versatility than ever before! 


Rata bucket grabs are a universal tool for agricultural and industrial use, and can be made to fit to almost any front end loader. They are excellent for handling silage, minerals, earth, sand, shrubs, wood chips, rubbish, straw, manure and much more. The powerful twin hydraulic rams give this attachment the superior strength needed to move your material.


-Hydraulic rams on Rata Bucket Grabs are mounted to the rear of the bucket, this offers greater protection from any objects that could potentially cause damage in the working area.

-Heavy duty built all round to cope with any job, this is why the main arms of the Bucket Grab top feature twin steel plate as well as extensive bracing and gusseting.

-The wide opening dimension enables large quantities of any material can be secured in one scoop. This also means the attachment can be used as a standard bucket with the grab open and out of the way

-Heavy Duty Greaseable Pins & Bushes in the LBBG series of Loader Bucket Grabs ensure a long and trouble free life.

Compact Bucket Grab on Kioti (3)


'How Tractor Claws Can Enhance Agricultural Productivity

What makes the Power Claw different, is that it can both rake and clamp, combining the stick rake and the 4-in-1 bucket into one attachment.

The Power Claw can grapple la​​rger items and more irregular-shaped items than a 4-in-1, thereby doing a better job as well as streamlining the workflow by removing the need to change attachments.

Where the Power Claw has been most popular is in land clearing jobs – such as clearing up after storms or bushfires – a stick rake would most often drag unwanted debris along the ground and a 4-in-1 would struggle to grip any object that was slightly round. You can just rip it out of the ground, speed along, and then your job’s done.

The Standard Power Claw tines are made from 16mm thick AR450 grade high-tensile steel, which is around 50% stronger and 10% lighter than the 20mm tines on the 350 grade steel used in other grapples. The extra strength tines and the abrasion-resistant steel help the Power Claw handles everything from rocks to silage. The higher tensile grade of steel means you can push around rocks and rip roots and it is not going to bend or splay.

The tines interlock to provide improved grip and come equipped with an additional reinforcement bar that sits above the ground when raking, helping to provide dirt flow but ensure branches and other trash are collected.

The Power Claw is designed with a rounded back on the base that leads up to the back frame, helping to provide extra leverage when trying to prise rocks out from the ground.

It also incorporates a flat section along the base for easy raking, with rounded bull nose tine points selected to ensure the rake does not dig into the ground too much.

Rata Power Claw Edited


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