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Sweet and Sour

Posted by Glenn Walton on Nov 18, 2016 2:53:29 PM

How much more production from this spot?

You can be rest assured this farmer will be aerating the rest of his paddock in due course.

When the amount of required oxygen is lacking in the soil due to excess moisture or compaction the plant growth either slows down or stops completely, as the accumulated carbon dioxide hampers the growth of the plant roots.

“You know the feeling when you open your favourite cookies”?

I haven’t found out if sheep are colour blind or not, but one thing for sure is they have taste buds and a sense of smell and some things are obviously just plain mouth-watering to them. The owner of these sheep said that every time he lets the sheep into this paddock, that had a couple of strips soil aerated with his Rata Subsoil Aerator, the sheep head straight for their favourite spot!

Sweet Grass Soil Aeration.png

Rata Subsoil Aerator

Soil aeration in pasture is particularly beneficial for healthy pasture growth, here’s why;




The most important beneficial elements of soil aeration in pasture is to produce stronger more vigorous grass growth, that is more resilient to extreme climatic conditions. The Rata Subsoil Aerator is a great machine to perform the aeration process by creating a wave through the soil and fracturing it around and below the root structure, perforating the soil with small holes to allow nutrients, air and water to penetrate the grass roots and alleviate soil compaction.



Soil aeration is the way ahead!

The increase of crop production measured in dry matter can be increased by up to 22% over an 18 month period in most pasture situations through soil aeration. Behind this increase there are some factors not seen with the eye, some of these include; increased worm population and increases in the depth of root structure, this creates a greater ability to produce grass in extreme weather conditions, both wet and dry.


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