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A Hitch that's better than ever before - the all new redesigned Rata Draw Bar Hitch

Posted by Louis Searle on Oct 29, 2021 4:45:00 PM

When it comes to the perfect rear linkage tow hitch there are 3 main points we are looking for, which all contribute together for operator efficiency and ease of use.



Vision to the towing pin from the cab has been improved with our all new clever design Tow Hitch to include wider swept and tapered upright profiles, increasing strength and operator vision from the cab to the towing pin. Increasing the operator’s efficiency when hooking up and saves time & frustration, turning a would-be annoying hitch up into an efficient breeze of a job.

From Tractor

View from the tractor seat - note the clear vision to the top of the pin



The new design of the Rata Tow Hitch is now more durable than ever with the main steel wear plate where the tow eye sits upgraded to be a bolt on part, saving you time & money each time this needs to be replaced. This is a great improvement over the old system which was fabricated and had to be cut off and the new wear plate then re-fabricated back on. Now it is simply one bolt to undo & replace the wear plate and bolt back on.

Replacable Wear Plate

The teardrop style bolted on wear plate both protects the structural part of the tongue from long term wear, and being bolted, it is easy to swap out when a new one is required.

The Rata tow hitch also features a much higher tongue weight rating at 6 ton of direct downward force. This means that you can hitch up and tow with the confidence that wherever you go, your tow hitch will handle it with ease.

Would you like to see all the specifications on this hitch?

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The safety flap on the new design Tow Hitch is cleverly weighted so that even if the spring fails or falls off it still naturally falls into place to lock the towing eye onto the hitch & avoid disasters like the trailer popping off and smashing into the rear of the tractor. Our safety chain feature, which is a secondary safety measure, if for some strange reason the tow eye does happen to come loose, the safety chain will stop the trailer from running away & causing a disaster. Finally we have our specially designed profile between the upper upright profiles for running hydraulic hoses through to keep it all orderly and avoiding loose hoses getting caught up in the hitch or other pinch points and getting damaged.

Hitch Flap

The flap on the redesigned draw bar hitch is weighted to swing to the closed position, adding an extra layer of redundant safety should the heavy duty spring break.

Back View S

The triangular hole in the plate joining the two upright profiles provides a great place for hydraulic hose management, keeping them up and away from any pinch points around the hitch.

NZ regulation calls for a safety chain, with a tensile strength of at least the weight towed, to be attached from the towed implement or trailer to the tractor if practicable, or otherwise to the hitch when towing on the road. Hence the updated design features an extra towing eye for attaching the chain to - instead of just one towing eye, you now have the choice of whatever side suits best to attach the safety chain to.

Saftey Chain Eyes

Dual safety chain eyes ensure your trailer stays behind the tractor when chained on, and complies with NZ road regulations.


Want to know more?

Click here to watch a video of the hitch in action


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