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Stock water & the importance of troughs

Posted by Charlie Walton on Sep 30, 2021 4:36:00 PM

Without water no human being or animal can survive and nothing is more important to the health and economy of a farm than clean and reliable stock water.

We've all seen what happens when disease breaks out - don't let this happen to your herd.

With a good stock water system in place, this leads to: increased subdivision, better grazing management, improved pasture utilisation/production and improved stock performance leading to better and more reliable returns.

Much research has been done on the economic benefits of access to good quality water and the returns certainly outweigh the costs.

The benefits of troughs with clean water also far outweigh the risks of animals getting stuck in dams, creeks or swamps, particularly when conditions are dry and levels are dropping.

Stock drinking from troughs are less likely to come into contact with pathogens.

SLRP for Blog

With pressure on natural waterways to be fenced off this has also increased the need for waterlines to be laid and troughs installed in each paddock.

Installing a water system properly is critical and needs to be researched and planned in the area you are in.

Laying of the pipes is very important and ultimately they need to be underground to save them being damaged by stock or vehicles. This also keeps the water cooler in summer and prevents freezing in winter.

The Rata Single Leg Ripper with pipe layer has been designed to be simple and cost effective to use, allowing the farmer to lay their own pipes and add extra troughs as needed.


Watch the video below to see the Rata Single Leg Ripper in action laying water pipes for troughs. Note the removable back enables much easier cornering - no need to cut the pipe and rejoin it, simply remove the front of the pipe layer, turn the tractor, reinstall the pipe and carry on.


To view the specs & required horsepower of the Single Leg Ripper, click the button below:

Single Leg Ripper Info

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