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Every Bale Clamp should have these 3 features

Posted by Sam Searle on Sep 23, 2019 3:14:31 PM

When it comes to choosing a wrapped bale handler, there are 3 main points to consider.

Read on to see what those main points are and also find out how the Rata Bale Clamp has been designed to provide the ultimate wrapped bale handling clamp.


1 - Bale Wrap Support

Bale Clamp hand supportGiven the purpose of any bale handing attachment you purchase is to handle wrapped bales, it should offer maximum bale support. This includes ensuring enough surface area of the bale handler is in contact with the bale wrap to carry heavy bales without stretching and weakening the wrap.

"Rata's large 60mm diameter pipe hands offer maximum support"

Make sure the bale handler you choose has sufficient surface area in contact with the bale to lift & move bales without wrap damage.

Find out why bale wrap support is important here: True value of a wrapped bale handler


2 - Slim Bale Hand Profile

Bale Clamp Slim ProfileTight bale stacking is a requirement on many farms during harvest when bales are being transported off the paddock, tighter bale stacking can mean more bales are tranported at one time, helping the overall farm efficiency.

The Rata Bale Clamp hand profile is shaped in such a way the overall hand width remains a minimum in order to stack bales tight and get between tightly stacked bales with no wrap damage or tearing.

Check out our handling & storage tips: How to handle & store wrapped bales


3 - Bale Hand Equaliser/Synchronization

Rata Bale Clamp on JCB TelehandlerIt's important that the hands of a bale handler move in sync with each other to ensure even movement and prevent independent hand movement. Hand synchronization not only offers greater control but helps to maintain maximum handling pressure during transport. If handling pressure is compromised by independent hand movement it can lead to loss of grip on the bale and result in damage.



Watch the video below where we explain all points in greater details and how the best bale clamps are made:



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