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Why the Rata Hay Hauler is a great investment this summer

Posted by Louis Searle on Nov 20, 2020 10:18:06 AM

No one likes making a job take longer than it needs to right? Especially when it is summer and we need to clear the paddocks of hay bales to get premium grass growth for the next cut. Well here is the perfect attachment that has been designed and built to perfection over the years at Rata.

The Rata Hay Hauler:

Rata Hay Hauler (5)

It seems a pretty time consuming, daunting task when you get to a paddock and there is a sea of bales to move with just a set of bale forks, so what if you had a Rata Hay Hauler too? The Hay Hauler literally cuts your job time in half as you are now carrying 5 bales at once (4 on the back and 1 on the front) and able to do it quicker with less fuel burn and overall just more efficiently, which brings up the next great point.

The Hay Hauler is not only enabling you to carry more bales, but at the same time it is also acting as a counter weight on the back of the tractor to even out the load which means that the operator can actually drive and work at a higher speed rather than if he only had the bale fork and load on the front of the tractor.

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Now there is the grass regrowth factor to consider as the grass begins growing within 24hrs of being cut and if you have bales sitting out in the paddocks for extended periods of time you tend to get stunted patches of grass where the bales have been sitting (as the bales also will suck moisture out of the ground under them). These areas can completely brown off and produce no growth, or if the grass remains alive it has been stunted in growth and this makes it easier for weeds and other unwanted plant life to grow in these areas. Then there is also the machinery traffic to factor in because if the regrowth has started and you begin to drive all over the paddock moving bales this can damage the grass regrowth which then also affects the eventual yield of the paddock.

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The great qualities of the Hay Hauler does not stop at just being a great piece of New Zealand made machinery designed and manufactured to a high standard, but also has a flow on effect by being a cost saver to the owner as it cuts back fuel burn, time on the job and clears the field faster for a better and higher quality regrowth to give better yields.

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