3 Leg Subsoiler

Horticultural Subsoiler

Rata brings to you the best solution for subsoiling between trees in orchards or vineyards. 

The Horticultural Subsoiler is designed to aerate the ground to prevent water blockages and build ups where tractor wheels have been.  With its heavy duty construction and avaliable options such as adjustable leg widths, winged feet and skeith openers, the Horticultural Subsoiler is the best partner for your machine!

Removing soil compaction, assisting soil drainage & promoting rigorous root growth.


    Model (Code) Description Max Working Depth (mm) Working Width (m)
    KSSF2 2 leg Subsoiler for Horticulture 300 Variable
    Note: Pictured above with winged feet on 304 Panerazer legs - this is not suitable for most applications

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