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NEWS ALERT! Redesign And Rename Of The Subsoil Aerator

Posted by Casey-lee Cranston on Jun 25, 2024 1:29:00 PM


We have redesigned and renamed the Auto Reset Field Wave - formerly known as the Panerazer.


The reason for the redesign is so the machines now have a modular frame and can be changed from a shear bolt leg to an autoreset leg system with the addition of leg pivot plates and springs.



The standard headstock can also be utilised to build machines that are either 5, 7 or 9 leg because the sections are all bolted together. This makes great sense for export packaging and gives us the ability to stock the base machine. Meaning we can deliver faster and make specific customer orders.


The design also enables the user to convert the Aerator from a field machine to a barn machine by simply unbolting and fitting the parts to change the performance. You can find out more details on our compost barn aerator.


This is the most popular model in the Subsoil Aerator range. The innovative double “V” frame design allows the user to pull more legs with less horsepower. It’s massive robust construction including 14mm shear bolt leg protection & a heavy duty linkage is designed for the toughest working conditions & high horsepower  tractors. The 16mm legs have shin guards attached, giving clean results while cutting through the soil.


Check out the 3D Video



The rename of this machine comes from Rata believing that the down to earth Subsoil aerator has two main functions. This is to: create a wave through the subsoil that cracks the pan and in doing this, it lets oxygen into the soil, allowing nutrients that are natural due to lack of oxygen. When oxygen is given access to these nutrients this allows their proper function. Formerly the name Panerazer only referred to the fact that the aerator broke up the pan, but the machine does much more than this.


Field Wave Subsoil Aerator - Red v1


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