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Draining pugged paddocks faster [video]

Posted by Cooper Walton on Nov 23, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Watch the video below to see a selection of West Coast farmers happily operating Rata Aeration equipment to improve pasture growth and make their lives easier!



The Rata Subsoil Aerator range is comprised of several models, with different options available for each.

Shear Bolt 304 Panerazer

The 304 Panerazer is the most popular model, equipped with extended wear life points, NiHard shins and 16mm thick legs made from grade 450 steel. The V frame design greatly reduces ground heave where the machine exits the ground, and is also easier to pull into the ground, resulting in less disruption to the pasture from tractor wheels. Precutter skieth discs are fitted as standard, ensuring the pasture is cut before the leg, enabling thatch and other material that would usually bunch up around the legs to be cut and slide cleanly past. Available in 5, 7 and 9 leg variants.

304 Panerazer Info

304 Panerazer (1)

Auto Reset 304 Panerazer

For larger operators where efficiency and speed are key requirements, the range of Auto Reset Panerazers is available. Utilising the same basic V frame design as it's Shear Bolt cousins, the Auto Reset Panerazer is able to be utilised continuously in rocky or harsher soils due to the leaf spring packs that force the legs back into working position after encountering an obstacle. This simple system has many advantages, not least of which is ease of operation, with no hydraulic hoses to connect or get damaged, or expensive rams to deal with. Also available in 5, 7 and 9 leg variants.

Auto Reset Panerazer Info

Auto Reset Panerazer

Horticultural Subsoiler

Rata also manufactures smaller 2 and 3 leg aerators for vineyards, orchards and such, these are built to be versatile and strong for operating in tight spaces, thus the use of a tool bar style design and U-bolted legs in the 2 leg model. This makes width adjustment a breeze, ensuring you can aerate the soil in the right place, and don't end up damaging the roots of the plants. The 3 leg model again features the V frame design from the larger models and the advantages that come with it, along with a roller and pasture precutter skieths (both of which are optional extras on the 2 leg model).

Horticultural Subsoiler Info

SSF3R 3 Leg Subsoiler

3 leg model pictured

Single Leg Ripper

A Single Leg Ripper is also available for deep ripping (down to 500mm), this is also available with a pipe layer attachment and/or a pasture precutter skieth.

Single Leg Ripper Info

Single Leg Ripper fFully optioned machine pictured

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