Agrex XDI fertiliser spreader


The XDI fertiliser spreaders are directed at professional operators because of their high performance and accurate distribution of fertiliser.

The standard hopper has a loading volume of 1500 litres which can be increased to 3000 litres by simply adding extensions at any given time. The spreading diagrams supplied with the machine enable the operator to regulate the spread width from 12m up to 32m with a very high level of accuracy.

Owning your own fertiliser spreader is not only a valuable investment, but providing flexibility to apply fertiliser at the right timing, giving you the maximum benefits to your crop or grass production.

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    Model (Code) Capacity (L) Max Load (kg) Weight (kg) Hopper Width (mm) Spread Width (m)
    XDI1500 1,500 3,000 335 2320 12 - 32
    XDI2000 2,000 3,000 360 2420 12 - 32
    XDI3000 3,000 3,000 405 2420 12 - 32
    Note: Vanes for 36m spread width available

    Features & Benefits

    Vanes quick adjustment on Agrex XDI

    1 Quick Vane Adjustment
    Spinner fins/vanes on the Agrex XDI feature a quick adjustment system, by simply pulling a spring loaded pin you can move the vanes to any setting on the disc, this allows for fast spread pattern adjustments

    Standard filtering grid + horizontal agitator

    2 Filtering Grid & Agitator
    The standard filtering grid catches lumps of fertiliser in the upper part of the hopper, this combined with the ultra slow horizontal agitator prevents blockages forming that disrupt the flow of fertiliser to the spinner.

    Tarpaulin cover with full opening

    3 Tarpulin Hopper Cover
    Agrex XDI fertiliser spreaders feature this fully opening hopper cover, being fully opening allows easy access to the hopper when loading while the simple close action has the load protected from the elements within seconds.

    Optional fertiliser deflector

    4 Optional Deflector
    This optional deflector mounts onto the XDI fertiliser spreader to deflect the product when working alongside waterways and boundary's - preventing it being spread into those areas.

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