Vogal Eco-Spreader fertiliser spreader


Eco-Spreader™ fertiliser spreaders are designed to spread everything from Causmag, Lime, Urea to Grass seed & other fertilisers.

The steep cone hopper shape prevents powdered lime etc from bridging & combined with the optional extended agitator it will successfully spread any powdered product without interuption to the flow of product.

Double shutter plates enables the operator to acheive offset spread patterns! Ideal for spreading along boundarys etc!

Vogal Eco-Spreaders also feature a corrosion resistant galvanised hopper to protect against wear & tear.

These spreaders are able to be used on low horse power tractors thanks to the minimal yet durable design & build.


    Model (Code) Description Capacity Spread Width
    795.ES340 Eco-Spreader™ 340 340L 5m - 18m
    Optional Extras: Extended Agitator, Side Delivery Chute

    Features & Benefits

    IMG_7805 CC

    1 Galvanised Hopper
    Eco-Spreader™ fertiliser spreaders feature a steep sided galvanised steel hopper. The galvanised hopper offers full protection against corrosion while the steep sides prevent material bridging.

    IMG_7803 CC

    2 Double Shutter Adjustment
    Eco-Spreader™ fertiliser spreaders also feature this double shutter plate adjustment, this enables the operator to alter the drop position of the fertiliser which in turn off sets the spread pattern to the left or right hand side.

    IMG_7808 CC.JPG

    3 Adjustable Fins
    Four adjustable spinner fins are mounted onto the Eco-Spreader™ spinner plate. Adjustable fins enable you to easily alter the spread pattern

    Hopper agitator in Vogal Eco-Spreader

    4 Hopper Agitator
    A standard hopper agitator ensures freely flowing material for even spreading, on this agitator are two lugs where an optional 'Extended Agitator' can mount to assist in spreading find lime powder or causmag


    Extended Agitator for Eco-spreader

    2 Extended Agitator

    Optional Extended Agitator for the Vogal Eco-Spreader is ideal for spreading fine products such as lime flour and causmag.


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