770x430 (3)

Drawbar Hitch Bale Fork Combo

Tow your wrapper to the job, drop the tines on the hitch and use it to transport bales to the Wrapper on the rear as well as the front!

With the same features as the standard Tow Hitch, this Bale Fork Combo takes it a step further!


    Model (Code) Weight (kg) Tine Length (mm) Capacity (kg)
    3PLDH/BF 110 1,100 10,000 - 32mm hook
    15,000 - 38mm hook
    Note: Tow ball attachment is available

    Features & Benefits

    Bale Fork mounting on Tow hitch combo - Rata Industries | Rata Equipment

    1 Simple Operation
    The transition from Tow Hitch configuration to Bale Fork is a simple & easy process, simply remove a pin to drop the tines & re-insert to secure. After this the tines are in position to move bales. This makes it simple & easy to use.

    High tensile bolt on tow hook

    2 High Tensile Bolt On Tow Hook
    Towing hooks/pins are machined out of high tensile steel & bolt into the Tow Hitch frame, this ensures maximum hook strength & support whilst giving the flexibility to remove & replace with a larger or smaller size hook in future.

    Safety Flap & towing eye chain

    3 Safety Flap
    Rata Drawbar Hitches feature a spring loaded safety flap that auto sets when the towing eye is in position, simply reverse into position & lift the hook up, when the eye clears the flap it automatically locks the tow eye in.

    Safety chain eye

    4 Safety Chain Eye
    Rata Tow Hitches feature a safety chain mount to secure the trailer, wagon or whichever implement you a towing in case of any accidents, this helps to increase the overall safety of your towing tasks.

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